Miki Z

After completing a degree in three dimensional design, creativity had been educated out of me.  After many years I have now found a new passion for developing my artistic practice. I work in a very much hands on, experimental way, across disciplines and media. I am more and more drawn to and inspired by the natural environment.  

In 2009 I had an allotment based residency in Newcastle upon Tyne which resulted in an installation of abstract paintings and sculptural artworks constructed from objects found on site. For the last three years I have been involved in the Kurt Schwitters DIY summer school at the site of his Merz Barn in the Lake District, both as a participant and organiser. 

In 2012 I attended an inspirational week working with Dartmoor Arts Project to make cob and clay sculptures. This furthered my interest in natural building and rural crafts techniques for future investigations into the crossovers between craft, art and building. 

I am currently involved in an arts cooking project called the Travelling Hearth which uses fire and unconventional cooking equipment including rocket stoves and clay ovens.
I see my approach to painting, as somewhat haphazard, I rarely have a straightforward plan. I enjoy the freedom this gives, having a playful, experimental and accidental element to my work. The materials often dictate the outcome. With each mark made, colour choice and material used having a direct influence on the next decision.